Clothes Rack



Just when you thought that clothing racks are to remain forever mundane, KAYIWA excavates the DINO in three versatile models: module, straight and wavy. Suspended along an electro-polished stainless-steel bar between spacers, hangers stay neat and organized to smoothly swing forward and back and/or move side-to-side for efficient hanging or removal of clothing.

Although created with aesthetics at the forefront, it is a practical furnishing for both public spaces and homes.


Material: Polyamide
Overall Length: Custom-Made
Hanger Width: 16.2 in (41.2 cm)
Hanger Thickness: 1.5 in (3.7 cm)
Edition: 12 + 3 AP + 1 Prototype
Year: 2015

Available in any RAL color.